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Kindof a combination of C-64 game demos and TR909 innit. I remember when the TR came out and the innovative use of it back in the 80s. I thought it was the cat's behind. Eventually I came to loathe it because it was on EVERYTHING, and not tastefully at all.

This is nice (your first url). I can only take so much of the heartbeat tempo though. It soon becomes tedious (to me).

If you love trance, and you want to get into an actual trance (grin), let me introduce you to Sphongle. Please pardon me if you know this band, but if not, I encourage you to give a listen. Here's a 2 hour concert of theirs. Feel free to skip around and land where you like. If you like this I can suggest more. Thank you for taking the time to turn my on to your music. I do enjoy it and appreciate your generosity!

With respect always
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