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I come back to the forum every now and then. Live in Wasilla. Doing mostly low-tech planted tanks with fish. Two 40Bs (Anubias, java fern, vals, crypts with Firemouth Cichlids and Swords in one, and lost of java fern, anubia and crypts with neons, SAE, and cories in the other) An older 55 gallon being overrun by vals -- great hiding spot for the male beta, and a couple odd tetras and a left-over red-tailed shark. It's mostly a plant tank now -- kinda let it go wild. Started a 10 gallon Red Cherry Shrimp-only tank a couple weeks ago. A few stem plants, small crypts, java fern and moss in that one. Combined all the assorted shrimp that were hiding in my 55 gallon into this 10 to try to give them a better life! And just setting up a 45 gallon tall for angels and maybe Bolivian Rams once it cycles.

Fun stuff. I'll have to come back to this Alaska subforum often. It was pretty quiet the last time I checked it last spring... ;-)

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