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Originally Posted by m00se View Post
Yes, the outlet of the solenoid is NPT. Then the barb fitting screwed into it. From there we're 100% barbs..

The threaded port on the solenoid is doped up pretty good with white pipe dope. It looks removable, but I don't know how much torque I'll need to do it and whether adjacent material will handle said umph. I have a baggie of brass fittings and tubes that came with it. I didn't put this unit together. I bought it from a guy off craigslist when he got out of planted tanks, so for me there is a bit of mystery purely because I didn't go through the steps of assembling it myself. So far it's worked well, I'm just not liking the look. It's functional as is...just ugly ;-)
I would give it a go to see if you can remove the threaded port on the solenoid. I would try to put the entire contraption into a good bench vise, and then try to torque it off with an appropriate sized wrench.

Originally Posted by m00se View Post
I looked at the Parker. Beautiful but more $$ than I can swing right now. I am happy with the stability of the Fabco once it's dialed in. A little touchy at first but stays put once you've got it. The Fabco is $34+ on their store site. Is that a good price or should I shop?
There is a seller on eBay that is selling the Parker H3L brand new, with shipping for about 30 USD. This is less than the Fabco that you are looking at.

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