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I have zero experience with Tanganyika cichlids, but I am having fun with my initial research.

I am going to watch out for Neolamprologus too. They are pretty common in the hobby, but so attractive. They remind me of Anthias.

(Wikimedia Commons image:

I want to give more thought to the riparium planting as well. I might just use some of the fast and easy plants that I have here (Ruellia, Asclepias, Cyperus etc.) but it could also be fun to research some mor and try to use more or less representative plants. I have looked around on the interwebs and most of the pictures that I see of Lake Tanganyika show a very rocky shoreline that looks like the ocean. But there must be some more quiet bays with marginal/emergent/riaprian vegetation. Has anybody here ever been there? I should look around scholarly articles some more to see if I can find aquatic plant lists. If I can find information on Lake Malawi or Lake Victoria that will be helpful because the flora is probably similar.
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