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Originally Posted by micheljq View Post
If I may add this : Takashi Amano does a lot of water changes. I have 2 of his books, he does 50%, sometimes 33% water changes in all of his aquariums, but mostly 50% wc each week.

As for myself, I do not do a lot of water changes, I am too lazy. I have a planted 7 gallons, with one 33% wc each 2 months, I do not have algae issues with it.
Whether it's EI or ADA (Amano) the water change is part of the overall system. Anyone can have a tank free of algae without a water change the point is it's usually a limited system. Regular water changes increase the range of light, plants, scape, etc. It allows more 'mistakes' we all do them. It becomes a more forgiving system.
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