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Originally Posted by m00se View Post
Edit: I was looking at the second pic, and didn't notice the solenoid on the 1st one. I need the setup from the solenoid forward to the bubble counter to replace my limp ones that I zip tie up to keep them from falling!
The solenoid is the black box that is slightly to the left and above the regulator adjustment knob. There is a small wire that goes downwards from it as well. It is immediately before the Parker H3L metering valve and the 90 degree elbow.

Originally Posted by m00se View Post
Picture's worth a 1000 words, right? I just snapped this to show you. I just want to get rid of the vinyl hoses between the parts and have it look similar (not SS) to what you have in that first pic. Since I have to replace the needle valve and BC, I may as well get a good set.

Thanks again - if you need more info let me know!
Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

It looks like your solenoid has a hose fitting, which connects to a Fabco NV55 (with #10/32 to hose barb) fittings. This then goes to your bubble counter which also has a hose barb fitting?

Is the bubble counter one piece (or is there an adapter on the bottom)? You should be able to find bubble counters with 1/8" female NPT threading on eBay. Some people have had bad experiences with the JBJ bubble counters, while others have not; a good check valve (not the inline kind, but the type that actually has NPT ports) can prevent any backflow of liquid from the bubble counter into the needle valve and solenoid.

For the needle valve, there are many options available to you. I would not recommend mounting the NV55 using #10/32 to 1/8" adapters (which exist). This is because the #10/32 threading is very small, delicate and fragile, and a slight bump could break the adapters. You would be better off getting the newer Fabco NV-55-18 (which has 1/8" female NPT ports). Alternatively, you could just get the stainless steel Parker H3L that is still available on eBay (also has 1/8" female NPT ports).

For the solenoid, unless you can remove the hose fitting (perhaps it is a 1/8" NPT to hose fitting?) you may want to look into getting one that has a 1/8" NPT port as well.


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