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So, I am now about a week and a half into EI dosing which started out pretty conservative, and the growth was good for the first week. I felt it could have been stronger, so my dosing has increased a little along with the CO2.

I bought more rotala indica doubling the amount I had originally to fill things in a little better. I bought a previously unknown plant locally that I now know as sunset hygro thanks to some members here. I can see why this stuff is illegal, the growth rate is amazing, but all of the trimmings will be going to the compost pile. All of my riccia has filled in nicely, but not completely. I added one of my emersed grown crypt wendtii "green" to the tank and it took the change really well.

I have some trimming to do this weekend, but I think everything is coming along well. Many of the plants are pearling halfway through the photoperiod (8 hours) with the exception of the riccia that starts pearling in about two hours.

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