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Originally Posted by h4n View Post
What are some good earphones that have a microphone for an iPhone and that is pretty rugged?

My wife goes thru them like every 6 months haha.
My Klipsch S5i lasted 2 years, and I'm a durability testing machine for IEM's. I'm talking about two years of getting plugged in and out of my iPhone multiple times a day, everyday. 2 years of getting rolled into a ball and stuffed into a pocket in my jacket, then getting untangled later to use again - multiple times a day.

After two years, my S5i's jack finally gave out. I bought a replacement jack for it and will do the soldering soon, but for the meantime I'm really enjoying my VSonic GR07 despite not having a mic and iPhone controls.

The Klipsch S4i is supposedly not as rugged as the S5i, but is also cheaper. Shure and Sennheiser also have IEM's that have a mic and iPhone controls.

I'm sure this has already been mentioned somewhere in this thread, but the forums on is the place to go for research on this topic. I'm pretty happy with my "entry level" items:

Audio Technica ATH-M50
Sennheiser PC360
VSonic GR07
Klipsch S5i

I plan to add the Grado SR325is and Shure SE215 in the future. I also want the Ultrasone Edition 8, but I have other more important expenses to deal with first LOL


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