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I am seeing noticeable grow with the HC under my Coarlife T5NO. Nothing that would be noticeable in pictures, but I may decide to keep this fixture. I was really looking forward to having an open top tank with a raised light but my Aquaticlife T5HO fixture but if I can get HC to grow with this light, I know algae will stay at bay, likely getting not much ever.

I guess my point of this is I am pretty surprised how well this light works on HC. I just stuck it on because I hadn't built a mounting system for the other light. I am not a firm believer that HC needs high light, I have successfully grown it in lower light, even in a non-co2 enriched tank.

If this works, I will be very happy as I am not a huge fan of high light and can consider ditching the autodosing system which is bulky. Well, not so much the auto dosing but the constant dosing daily. I will have to see if this continues, especially after filling.
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