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Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
FYI, smaller tanks need topped off for evaporation, CO2 changes are much larger and big issues for smaller tanks.

Ferts: just make a DIY liquid and dose richer.

You have a lot of light and a small tank.....CO2 demand is going to be quite high, adjust the light up to reduce intensity.

CRS adults are somewhat tolerant of CO2, but not the breeding and fry.
You will always get better growth, breeding/brood production with non CO2 methods and shrimp.

I would suggest a better valve than the fabco, you spent a wad on the tank, the light and the soil, even the hardscape, but the single MOST LETHAL went cheaper on????

You cannot kill shrimp with light or ferts(unless you really go nuts).
CO2? People do it every week on forums and kill fish which are even tougher.

Less light= less CO2 demand.

I have 1.2 W/gal of T5 lighting on this 350 Gal tank and the Gloss grows nice and tight:
Hi Tom,

Thanks for the response. I think I've already employed some of your suggestions (specifically ferts) before. And then there were some suggestions you made above where I started to wonder whether or not they were specific to me or general swatches of wisdom you were passing on. ie: raising the light on an ADA solar mini lighting unit; etc.

Regardless, I really enjoy your site. So suggest away.

here goes:
I top off my tank as needed. I have a top which limits the evaporation. I keep my outflow pipe a little higher to get better gas exchange at the surface.

I've gleaned a lot of how I dose after reading your site. I am using the EI method and the nutrient calculator in order to make the solution as endorsed on your website. Do you suggest I make a richer solution, other than the one I am using? Do you think, because of the high lighting, and assuming that I have dialed in my co2, that I should provide more ferts then what I am using??

the most I've spent on the tank was on the light (2 years ago). How would you suggest I raise the light over a mini M with the solar mini lighting unit? That suggestion (which I understand in theory) really confuses me because the height of this tank light is fixed. Do you think maybe switching out a lower wattage bulb would be a good idea if I can't raise the light itself?
What do you think about this bulb: or maybe this one (not sure if the dual 6500K and 10000K would be ideal:

I haven't had any real CRS issues except when they first arrived. I lost a couple after doing a poor water change. I now use water that has aged overnight and with the same temperature. I'm not trying to breed these shrimp. I just want them to coexist with the plants.

Man oh man, do I understand the danger with CO2.

So, here's the kicker for me-
It's ironic that you think my FABCO purchase was a bad one. The reason I purchased it was because I was swayed by a lot of enthusiasm for the product after reading your site. For example, this thread:
I'm not as tech savvy when it comes to valves, but I have to admit I think it was a nicer upgrade from the Clippard I was using before. Not having a lot of experience in this department and trying to sift through the myriad of information good and bad out there online, I thought I was moving in the right direction. I may be wrong to assume that it's a good valve. However, I did build a lot of my assumptions on this product after reading its endorsement off of the forum from your website. You think my decision for the FABCO was lethal...can you imagine the horror that used to be my tank when I had the CLIPPARD??? I had no idea I was being cheap.

I'm not sure why you are assuming that I have been murdering my fauna. But I am taking these assumptions with a grain of salt. After all, I've learned a great deal from you. Maybe you are just fishing for compliments

I used to grow HC in this tank no problem.
Here's a pic
But you are right. Your glosso looks a lot better than mine in your attached photo. There's the rub!
I thought for a while that it was because I purchased it emersed. Just now it has started shooting out a good amount of runners. But I'd be lying if I told you that it happened overnight. It took a lot of time and patience. And looks like it will take a lot more.

I think you are dead on regarding the light. The light intensity is too great for this small tank. I've probably tweaked every little thing on this tank but haven't touched the light. I think reducing the wattage may be a step in the right direction because I can't raise the light any higher than where it is. Less light = less co2 = happier shrimp = more balanced environment.

There are a lot of hobbyists out there with all different levels of experience. I think I am somewhere in the middle. I have gleaned a ton of useful information off your website. some of it now appears to be conflicting, but, nonetheless- thank you. I wasn't expecting your response. I'm looking forward to more. The more specific the better.

best, walter

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