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T8->leds, what explains the difference?

I changed my T8s (poor ballasts without reflectors) 4x58w (1xPhilips Aquarelle, 3xPhilips TLD 865) to 4x27w 6500K leds. 2000 lumen/light. Leds are Cree powerleds (wich ones???), 9 per light. Thats all I know about those leds, not these but near: They have been over the tank for a month. Growth and colours of plants has changed dramatically thoug I was very pleased even with T8s. Swords that were red last time when I had metalhalides are red again now. No algea anywhere. I havent done any changes to fertilizing, Excel dosing the same as earlier.

So, leds are pretty odd to me and Im wondering what explains the difference of better growth and still not having algaes? With T8s I had nearly 20 000 lumens, now only 8000. I know they are not compearable to each other but how come? Please enlight me!
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