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Par30 and Par38 Users

For those hanging Par30 or Par38 bulbs (21-36w) over their tank, how much shimmer are you seeing? At what height does the shimmer diminish or disappear? I likes me some shimmer (MH lighting over a reef is one of the memories that brought me back to the hobby) and it's one of the reasons I've been planning to use these bulbs.

However if it can't be had (the shimmer, that is) at the height I'll need to hang my pendants for good coverage (roughly 32 inches over the substrate on an 18" tall tank) I might just as well plug in a Finnex Ray 2 and call it a day. Those seem like great units, but with such a diffuse coverage of 1w emitters, don't have the point source output that will satisfy a shimmer-head. Or so it seems.

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