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Mini-S: New scape, suggestions?

Hey all! You may know me as a shrimper but the reason I got into shrimps was planted tanks!

I have a Mini-S that I've had for a while, as well as some old hardscape materials; I decided to throw them together to make some sort of something or other. This is still in the design phase, it might go all rock at the moment or I might keep the manzanita (special thanks to PC1 for it, you're the best!) and the Seiryu that's in it currently. But as I have to soak the wood first I have a while to decide.

Anyway, anyone have any suggestions?? Should I ditch the driftwood and go all rock (I'm thinking Unzan stone, waiting for Adg to email me back about stones) or keep it like this/move it around a little? Also-- what plants should I do? I was thinking HC foreground and then I'd add some pellia or fissidens to the manzanita, but I'm starting to like the idea of DHG belem as the foreground to look more natural and wild.


^^Hehe there it is on my shrimp rack, next to all my shrimp stuff :P

Any suggestions, comments etc. are greatly appreciated! I wanna take my time, get feedback, and learn throughout this; this is my first real CO2 fueled aquascape and I want it to look nice.


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