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Originally Posted by Leelu95 View Post
Okay so i clean it to much? lol I realized my tank was getting alot of direct sunlight so i moved it to a place where it won't get a whole lot of direct light.
So if it turns green again what should i do?
And when i say green, i mean the water actually turns green, and a little algae gets stuck to the glass.
+1 on everyones advice to washing out your filter..

1. What sort of filtration are you using? Hang on back? Canister?

2.does said filter have bio balls or did you just put in sponges as the filtration?

3. Good move on the direct sunlight. Most likely the bloom was caused by an ammonia spike + sunlight

4. besides weekly water changes, I only clean my filters once a month at the most

5. Do a big water change, dont touch the filter, dont gravel vac, just pull water out and replace and do a full tank blackout for 2-3 days. It should clear up

6. You are not going to completely remove algae from your tank ever. The green diatoms (on the glass) will probably always be there. What is not good, is the fact that is the water is green

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