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Cycling ADA New Amazonia & Power Sand question

I am cycling a planted (stems, moss & ferns currently) 35 gal tank using New Amazonia and Power Sand Special. My Ammonia has been pretty consistent at 4ppm and Nitrites at 1 with super high Nitrate readings 120 now down to 40 after two weeks and 3 50% water changes. I'm fairly new to this, and my question is that since the New Amazonia is designed to bring the PH of your water down to the mid 6's which is where mine is at (6.6) the ammonia reading in my tank is actually not Free Ammonia and is actually Ammonium because the PH is below 7 correct? Therefore the ammonia reading in the tank is really not nearly toxic to the fish since Ammonium has to be in super, super high quantities to be toxic right?

Am I wrong in thinking the Nitrites at 1ppm are my only problem right now in introducing fish? My plan was to do a silent cycle with my tank 50% planted (will be much more when my other plants [HC & DHG] arrive next week) so I've got my Co2 and lights running and the plants are doing extremely well and growing like crazy. They should be eating up a lot of the Ammonium (plants love ammonium correct?), Trite and especially Trate following further planting over the coming days. Wouldn't this cut down on the need for daily PWC's as well as worries about the Ammonia and Trite readings on when to add inhabitants. I'll be moving over my 6 Ember Tetras from my 6 gallon as first inhabitants fyi.

I won't be adding inhabitants until after the tank is fully planted so I've got another 10 days or so. Just wanted to see if my thoughts jive with you more experienced guys and gals or not.
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