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Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
Once the roots settle in, you'll be ok. I swear, the first time i used ecocomplete, i thought it was gonna i found the key is getting the stems down as deep as you can, and these help:

The bugs may be gnats or mites, too tough to tell with that pic. Kuhli's won't eat snails. If you want to keep your snail population down, just feed a bit less. If they have no food, they won't last very long. The babies i mean. Although i don't mind snails. They keep stuff clean and if i have too many, well, that's why they make nets and garbage
I think I completetly irradicated my Ramshorns during the rescape. I haven't seen a one since the last bag of EC. Time will tell though in that Jungle! I am happy not to see them anymore. I am very careful with feeding because I don't like a mess in the tank. I put some of the ramshorns in the QT tank because I just can't throw them out. Taken hundreds to the LFS. They are always happy to take them. Those in the QT don't get fed often...and for a time not enough while I was trying to balance things with them. They still produced rapidly and the snails were dying and eating eachother. So, I upped the food and they still breed about the same, but no more deaths at least so no more snails eating snails. I just have to make a snail drop off every 3-4 weeks.

I like the MT snails, but man do they reproduce! Wowza!!! I never knew how many I had until the black substrate was added and taking a peek into the tank after lights out. The substrate truned from black to tan!!!!! This summer I will have plenty to share with TPT folks

They look like mites. Are they a problem?

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My Ever-Evolving Tank
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