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Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
Looks great amanda btw, get thee to petco, go to the reptile section and get yourself some feeding tongs. They cost about $6 or so and they are great for planting. You can get those stems down deep. I have had 10 kuhli's in my 125 before i rebuilt it and they couldn't move the plants once they were deep. Oh, and i always hated eco complete for planting. Nothing stays down, always a fight.
Thank you Bill. Every time I move something it gets a little better IMO. Thanks for the tip! I will definetely get some. Being here though I bet they'll be $10-12. Everything is so much higher here Either way it sounds like it is a good tool to have around!

The eco-complete is definetely light. Makes it easy to plant them and even easier for the stems to "float" away. Once the roots get going will I still have issues do you think since I am using EC?

Originally Posted by AUvet14 View Post
Those little critters look like little snails. As far as I know, it shouldn't hurt the angels if they are eating them. Not sure about kuhli loaches, but yoyo and clown loaches eat them too, so perhaps they'll have a tasty treat . Bettas will eat them too I think.

PS. Y'all (yes, I'm from Alabama where we use words like "y'all") stay up way too late. Lol. Apparently no one else on here has 8am classes they have to show up to . Lol
I thought they were snails at first but getting a closer look they are definetely not. They look like little mites honestly. Gross. Kuhlis don't seem to eat snails. I wanted a couple yoy loaches to keep snail numbers down, and they look really cool too! But, I read they are known fin nippers. Too bad. They would have added to the tank with their beautiful patterns. My Miss Betta refuses snails, even if I crush them. She is all about brine shrimp and blood worms. Spoiled brat My Blue Angel "hunts" snail eggs and pecks them till nothings left. Such a good Angel! S/he actually turns completely on it's side and sloats through the plant leaves to get to the best snail eggs. First time I saw this I thought s/he was dead LOL!

We do stay up too late! I must agree! I was sooooo sluggish this morning at 6am.

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