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Thank you everyone...

I bought 3 amanos ... i had one tank that had 'issues' water tested fine but plants were dying and alge growing (of course my betta was happy as a clam)

i put in an amano and couldn't find him and hour later .. i thought, well maybe i put all 3 in the big tank (the betta tank is 2.3 gal square) so i put in another one.. it too was gone in the morning.. i KNOW i put that second one in... now i have one poor lonely amano in my 6 gal and none to clean my betta tank (the betta thinks cherry shrimp are fun to 'play' with, the shrimp not so much)
any other ideas for a tank mate for a betta (who is very large for a fan tail and always curious)?

glad i saw this before i got more amanos ... now i wish i could find those bodies (though something tells me my fluffy dog, who threw up a day or so later may know something about missing shrimp)

on the plus side.. my cherry shrimp had babies! 2 are swimming around
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