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Sump Down Grade?

My current sump is 55 Gal, it does not leave much room under my stand to work on. My arm fits, but not by much. I have about 3.5 inches of room to get my arm in the sump.

I was thinking I should down grade to 30, that would give me a lot more room to work on it.

Mostly the problems I have are the following

Having to change filter socks once a week, they are 7 inch ones so they last about a week, I have 2 that are on the tank.

Once a month when I clean the pump it a nightmare to get out.

I have to take the sump down for a few days (to fix a baffle)anyway wondering if I should down grade, though not sure it worth it to have to fix my plumbing to fit the 30 so on...
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