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Thank you for you suggestions everyone, but I do know it was from the substrate. I have had a tank for 2+ years and my pH has always been lower than neutral. For a bit I concidered raising it and learned of all the possibilities to do so.

For this tank, I decided to keep my pH right where it was at, or allow it to go a bit lower by adding driftwood.

The only thing that changed once the EC was in the tank was a huge piece of Mopani dw added after the last bag of EC was added. I can tell you this too. I am anal about checking my water parameters and do so daily. There was a noticable pH climb every time I added another bag. I did not do all the bags at once for the sake of avoiding a mini-cycle due to changing of substrates. Lucky that I did it this way so my fish could adjust. Thank goodness there is a 12 lb piece of Mopani in the tank as well as some Manzanita and a few other small peices of Mopani in the tank otherwise my Angelfish would be suffereing due to the EC.

Since posting this, I have not noticed any drop at all in pH or KH. I have added plants and some inert lake rocks to the tank. Everything is stable, and that is what matters now. Although, I do hope to see a slow drop at least to pH 6.8. I also have Kuhli Loach in the tank which will fair better below neutral. They are fine for now, but it's the long term effects that concern me.

Anyway! Thanks all of you for trying to help figure out this controversal issue. I appreciate everyones input.


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