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Originally Posted by DaBears View Post
Wow. Tons of new info that I have never heard before. Appreciate it a lot and will definitely reconsider the tank. Some questions...
Do plants do ok without a heater too?
I think u mentioned these frogs being sensitive to ferts...I was not going to do much fertilizing, just some seachem fluorish as directed. Will this be ok?
Is seachem fluorite an ok substrate for ACF?
I would love to see some pics of your set-up!
Thx for all the info!
Hey there, sorry for the late reply.

Plants do fine without a heater, my tank stays around 70F, which is in the cooler sub tropical range. I don't think many plants need warm water specifically.

Frogs are very sensitive to the heavy metals in fertilizers. I've written SeaChem and they responded back that their FlourishTabs are OK for amphibians but I can only assume they are safe because they are placed deep in the substrate and aren't present in the water column, this is only useful for plants which are heavy root feeders, like crypts. I'd just avoid fertilizers all together, if you're doing a low tech tank you'll probably wind up with more algae and poisoned frogs before you see much benefit for your plants.

I personally wouldn't use fluorite because your frogs can become impacted from swallowing it, the risk may not be extreme but these frogs can live 15 years or more so the chances of it eventually swallowing some of it are likely.

I use sand, I think a good sand for ACF are CaribSea's Moonlight Sand or Sunset Gold.. these aren't AWESOME for planting but they've worked OK for me. The sand is very fine and if they swallow some, it won't impact them. You could possibly use a substrate that holds plants better then add a layer of sand on top, that would work fine I think but I just use sand and my plants haven't gone anywhere.

When I get home I will post some pictures of my set up. It's only 3 months old and it's really filled in quite nicely. My wisteria is out of control and need trimmed badly, my crypt is doing well, my water sprite and frog bit/dwarf water lettuce has grown in nicely and my Anubias is actually flowering. I use no fertilizers and just have three ACF in a 40B.

Oh one last thing, make sure your frog gets at least 10 gallons, really 20 gallon long is ideal. They are very active frogs, especially at feeding time! Also make sure you get a good lid without any gaps, these guys can and will escape given half a chance. I almost lost a frog because of this but luckily I found him within a few hours.

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