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Originally Posted by Darth Toro View Post
Randyl what exactly is that your using? It looks like a great idea. I was trying to find ways to reduce the flow of my aqua clear 70 that I have on a 20 gallon long with rilli shrimp inside
They sell them at the dollar store as "shower cups" to hold razors, etc in the shower. They have slots to let water run out in the shower and not stay full of water. Randy has his full of bio media. I just put plastic pot scrubbers in mine to act as additional biomedia. Some riccia made its way into mine, so now it's a biomedia/riccia grow box. Reduces flow great and doubles the capacity of you filter bio media. Also a place shrimp will hide. lol. I've found shrimp in mine, crawling around eating off the plastic pot scrubbers.

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