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I removed the shrimp.

I left a few in there to see what they would do, and often times, you miss a few shrimp etc.......hard to get every last one, they acted drunk and they were much easier to catch and remove after 1-2 days of treatment.

This algae is a tough one to kill.
I have done a similar method you suggested, PITA, took about 1-2 months to get rid of it. Lots of work.

I spend time tweaking CO2, cleaning the tank, trimming better, cleaning filters etc instead now.

So it did not kill many of the shrimp(cherry or Amano's), maybe 5-30% losses for did kill a few. Fish and every plant and moss were not affected.
I do large water changes and cleaning before and after also.

Generally, it's too much light, not enough CO2, current also may play some role for this alga.

It can also be transferred in an active virulent form from say out side in ponds, vats etc, into your aquarium if you do not wash your arms and are picking or cleaning in your pond or tubs. I must have done this 3-4 times this year.

PITA.........but this product does not kill too much else other than green hair algae.

Still, I welcome it because of the labor is among the worst to get rid of it. BBA is not bad with Excel and a few other things.

Tom Barr
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