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Low Maintence Terraphyte Tank

This is a 38 G, moderately stocked with Fancy Guppies and some low light aquatic plants. The emersed plants are Aglaonema and Pothos. The roots take in the nutrients from the dissolved fish waste and maintain pure water conditions, no ammonia or nitrites and very low nitrates. The leaves are kept above the water to take in CO2 from the air. The emersed plants require only low, room light and periodic trimming. The total, weekly maintenance time is about 30 minutes.

This tank requires no water changes and only needs a little water replaced weekly, due to evaporation. The plants thrive in the nutrient rich water and the fish thrive in the pure water.

If you've grown tired of large, weekly water changes, but still want healthy fish and plants, then this may be your kind of tank.

Just a thought.


"Fear not my child, just change the tank water."

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