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Filter idea for shrimp tank - high capacity, low flow.

Been tossing this idea around ever since I saw the Finnex "black friday" web deals.

Have always been told that shrimp tanks would do best with low flow filters and air powered sponges filters are great for shrimp tanks (high surface area and gentle flow). I don't really like the loss of tank space or the bubbles all the time (or the air pump noise).

I've been using an Aquaclear 30 with the flow all the way down, small sponge prefitler, purigien inside and a coarse piece of sponge over the outlet to break it up a little. It occurred to me that the pump on this thing could easily push water through a box twice as big (bigger box = more water = more filter media = better in my eyes, plus it would increase the total volume on my nano)

Then I saw the refugium on the finnex web site (and similar breeder boxes since then). A one gallon HOB box with a low flow pump (it was like 40 or 50 gph I think) and small return slot at the opposite end. Flip the first and last baffle over to make the water flow through the bottom of them (similar to the baffle setup on a sump), put sponge or floss in the first chamber, purigen/carbon in the second, ceramic media in the last one.

end result - large water capacity but gentle movement filterbox (which is what I hear is so great about a mattenfilter, right?)

Totally off base, or what?
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