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I need some light hanging ideas!!!

So yesterday I decided I was going to clean the look of my tank up and somehow hang my light to get some aquaponic plants growing on top. So I spent an hour at the depot and could only come up with the idea of simple plant hangers. It seemed an ok idea, so i grabbed some sheet rock shrews and toggle bolts and headed home. Couldnt find my stud finder so I started blastin holes in the wall. One side I found a stud, the other side, just dry wall. So I tryed a drywall screw and insert thing and that wouldnt hold it. I slammed a toggle bolt in there. now my light is hung, but I dont trust that left support with the toggle bolts. Im just affraid if it comes down that metal plant hanger is going to smash my tank right open. So any ideas? I was thinking getting light hanger pulleys at the hydroponic store (the one people use to hang their pot plant light and filters) and just hanging it from the ceiling. But those use toggle bolts through the ceiling. I need clean ideas????
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