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How to lower pH?

Hi folks,

My recent test shows that my pH is at 8.6! O_O And no, the test kit is not bad as it is only a year old and I did several test to confirm that it is still good.

Now, I'm looking for effective ways to lower this very high pH. Seven months ago, I added a fairly large piece of cured driftwood in my tank. It obviously stained the water and it did lower the pH to olny 8.2 for about a couple weeks and then it sprung back up.

Apparently, driftwood tannin does not work and my tank has a very good buffeting capacity though there are no sources of carbonates in the tank. Must be our local water. There are also visible buildups along the waterline.

What are some effective methods to lower the pH and hardness if possible except RO? Peat maybe but will it be enough? Please give me some suggestions.

I know that it's not really good to mess a stable pH but I want to try some softwater fish.


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