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Originally Posted by Build My LED View Post
Of course. I built the spreadsheet with the algorithms, so I get to see all of the metrics It was a 5500K spectrum, but I personally don't pay attention to the kelvin scale. By itself, it doesn't tell you anything about a lighting system, as you can have multiple color lights that are the same CCT (i.e. kelvin temp). Various lights can look completely different, even though they have the exact same kelvin temp. I prefer to look at the X and Y chromaticity coordinates and the spectrum, which can be used to calculate the CRI and color saturation effects.

Thanks for informing me.

You are right about K temperature *alone not being an appropriate standard by which to determine spectral distribution but my hunch, ( I could be wrong ), is when K temp is coupled with high CRI like you have it will center around 5500K which appears to be the case.

Hears another hunch. A true yellow diode or one very close to true yellow will create and even higher CRI, perhaps even match sunlight at noon.

* In another thread not to long ago I had mentioned how different lights with the same K temperature can and do have different spectral outputs among them.
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