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Okay. Water change done. Stems replanted. Things moved around a bit.


Little-Blue got color!

Stems re-planted...

Stems re-planted (and I moved the rest of the L. Aquatica (please I hope I got that right) over here and moved the E. Tenellus elsewhere. (whoo hoo! I think I'm finally learning my plants )

Thought I'd try the Brazillian Pennywort along the substrate on this side instead of the E. Tenellus.

The little Tiger Lotus that could!

A nice Java Fern tied to a rock with some Java moss. This is especially for my lovely Kuhli Loaches.

The E. Tenellus is now on the right side of the tank.

I like the MT snails...I think. They do love to breed!

OVT the Water Sprite looks pretty good hu? I decided to attach it to the Manzanita so it can float without getting thrown around by the HOB's. This isalso for the Kuhli Loaches. Gwen the Betta has been having fun miandering through it though!

Happy Fish Keeping
My Ever-Evolving Tank

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