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Originally Posted by driftwoodhunter View Post
wow Amanda, we have so much in common, and we are at opposite ends of the country! lol
I had Dobes growing up (none now though), I got into tanks because my father had tons when I was a kid, and I'm 5' 4" - haha. I get the whole "balancing the bucket" thing.

I absolutely love what you said about the fish being able to hide when they want to - nothing bugs me more than tanks where the fish are forced to be front & center, with no recourse for when they are stressed. I'm learning more & more with each tank (thanks to all the great tanks I get to see here) about how to set up the hardscape and plants so the fish have quiet areas away from sight, yet not so hard to reach that I can't clean there or (Heaven forbid) net out dead fish. Hey, they get old too!
I also think that since your hubby brought in your first tank, he should relent on the 6' tank. With your skills you would create a dynamite tank.

Have those Diamond Tetras arrived yet???
That is crazy wild that you and I are so similar. I notice our personalities are the same too. Long lost twin? My Dad raised pitties and rotties when I was a kid. I had a pitbul for 7 years. He was great. One goofy dog! My Dober-Boy is about to turn 5. Thank God I'm hoping he will settle down some. Good grief he's like can of redbull and the energizer bunny rolled into one! I remember when I used to be that way! Ha! His name is Patroney-Baloney-Phoney-Dobie LOL! Aren't I awful? All my pets have goofy year long too! JK

I agree. I keep my tank for my enjoyment of course, but my fish are in that thing 24/7 for there entire life! So I must take their preference first and foremost! The 8 year old Angel trully deserves this scape. Poor thing spent 8 long years in terrible conditions with aggressive co-fish. His bent body is proof of those years behind him. I hope for him (or her?) to live out a few more years happily in this tank. Finally enjoying the "road less traveled" swimming about peacefully. I hope the Diamonds don't take this zen from him/her. I wasn't going to get them but my family really wanted a schooling fish.

I will have a 6 footer when we move down south. We already talked about it. I hope to have an art studio and I can have a few fish tanks in there. Woman Cave!!

oh almost Diamonds yet. They are going to call me when they get here thankfully so I don't have to keep going in to check.

Happy Fish Keeping
My Ever-Evolving Tank
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