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very interesting thread here

I guess living down here in Florida (plenty of fish farms) I am spoiled with choice and value on both plants and fish.

I have glanced aquabid a few times, but I have great rapport with a few lfs owners/managers down here & they have made special orders knowing that I may only purchase a small handful of the species I requested.

As mentioned before its good to see the stock before you purchase. I have gone to a lfs with lets say a particular schooling fish in mind but leave the store with the acquisition of a bag of fish i originally did not have in mind.

and maybe I am a bit old fashioned but I do enjoy the personable exchange you get face to face. Now a days it seems like some cant be bothered to look away from their phones.

Funny the more technology provides us with conveniences & distractions, the more we multi-task our ways out of social exchange.

!oh pardon me my cell phone buzzing an email on new netflix releases.

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