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Originally Posted by Rob in Puyallup View Post
Hummm.... will do. At the moment it's very small, when I first saw it I thought it was a piece of a molted skin.

I will keep an eye on it, though. The product used to get rid of them okay to use with shrimp, ya think?
Now 100% sure it's completely shrimp safe, but it doesn't bother any of the other critters in a reef tank. Pretty benign stuff from what i understand. Aiptasia X, or Joe's Juice are a couple of the top ones. Fill a syringe with the stuff and then coat the critter you want to get rid of. I got some aiptasia with some live rock i bought of craigslist. They aren't overwhelming, but you do need to keep watch for them and get them before they multiply. I have a 14g biocube that they appear in every few weeks. Very hard to get them all at one time once they take hold. More of just a PITA than something to get too worried about. Just thought I'd mention it before you had a bunch. Let me know off you have any other questions.

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