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"Raw Industrial Style Stand"

Raw Industrial Style is the name hydrophyte gave is design. I thought his idea was brilliant, and decided to build on it and adapt it to my space and situation.

Right now I just have the small 12 gallon Fluval Edge, but I my plan is to slowly piece together a 29 gallon rimless tank. I thought it would be cool if I could design it to handle my Edge for now, and then the 29 when I'm ready. I also wanted to be able to hide my stuff since I plan on running CO2 and need a place to put my test kits, fish food, ferts, and the rest of the crap that I've accumulated.

Here is what I came up with after many hours in sketchup for what I want in the end with the 29 gallon rimless. It's 25" tall, 32" long, and 14" deep (there will be a 1" lip with the 29 gallon):

In the mean time, all I had to do to adapt it for the edge was add a top, which was all of $9 worth of 1x3 cedar. Here is my rendering of how I thought it would look with my Edge until I get the 29 gallon setup put together:

The stain I used is Minwax Red Chestnut, and I painted the galvanized brackets black. Here is a pic of it without the top, so you can see how I reinforced under top. With the Edge, the weight won't be supported the outside edges, so I needed more support underneath the top.

As for the top, it's simply 6 1x3's glued together such that it overlaps the stand by 1" on the sides and front:

After painting all of the screws and completing the lower shelf, I moved the stand into place the newly emptied 12 gallon on it. Here it is with the screws painted, just before moving it into place:

Here it is sitting in it's new home under my 12 gallon Edge.

Google sketchup worked great for building it virtually first and making my actual material list, but for the tighter tolerances I wanted it in front of me first, which is why I didn't make the doors at the same time. For now, for the doors and sides I'm just going to make small curtains from black cloth. I can hang them in the openings. That'll let me hide stuff until I make the real sides and doors when it warms back up in the spring. That's the awesome thing about hydrophyte's design — it's very easy to customize to however you want it!

To make planning/customizing easier for anybody interested in using Sketchup to build one of these, I've uploaded the model I made to their database. Sketchup is a free download, but there is a bit of a learning curve to it. Once you have it, just go to 3D Warehouse and Get Models. Then search for 29 Gallon Aquarium Stand. It should be in there now.

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