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Originally Posted by tunatime View Post
you shouldn't rinse you filter in hot water every time you do a wc you kill all the good bacteria and your tank may never settle down. can you take pics of the tank?

I agree. I think your problem here is actually too much cleaning. Hot water is going to kill your filter bacteria, which is going to throw your tank out of balance, which can result in algae.
How long has the tank been running? It sounds like you may need to sit back and let your filter bacteria get established and your tank find a balance. Green water is usually only a problem in new tanks because of the lack of balance.

Rereading your post, you mean the algae is on the glass? I read it as green water (microscopic algae floating in the water). Anyway, the advice still stands. How much light do you have? That could be contributing to the algae if your light is too high. Or if there is sunlight shining on your tank.

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