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Originally Posted by zoragen View Post
I like it.

I have a 6 gal eclipse that has been my quarantine tank. I just kept it running after I moved my last batch of fish to my 20L.

It originally had a betta & started me out in planted tanks.

I've been debating on what to do with it & keep looking at betta's.

I like the drift wood
Bobby (this Betta) started in a 20 long community tank. I have had several and they seem to do great in a community tank or alone. It depends on the personality but some may try to bully. This one did. It was to slow to really do any harm so it was fine. It is actually a bit more timid in this tank until you really sit down and watch it, then it shows off.

I guess my point is, I find Betta's to be pretty flexible fish. Just don't put more than one in a tank unless you are experienced and don't put them with slower moving fish.

Thanks for the compliment, if it bounces back to where it was before the move, it should look much better as time goes on.
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