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Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
no poison in captivity. the toxin they secrete comes from an amino acid that is derived from a certain type ant they eat in the wild. after about a month in captivity, no more toxins. mind you, all frogs secrete some kind of toxin, it is just very mild. i do have one frog that is rather toxic to humans. he is a rubber banded frog and if he secretes his toxin and i have a cut on my skin, it can enter and cause chest pain, heart palpitations and so on, for about 4 hours. not deadly though, unless you have a heart condition i guess. but he has to be very stressed out to secrete his toxin, and since i rarely handle my frogs, no worries
Ahhh that is quite interesting. I don't know much about frogs other than they are cute and neccessarry in places like Mississippi to keep the dang bug count down. So, I know you said you don't handle your frogs much, but has that ever happened to you with the toxin and a cut? Sounds scary.

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