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Wow, I can't believe its been two months without an update! Good news though, I got one.

The 40b is ticking right along. I added a Hagen reflector and it increased light intensity quite a bit. I also added a diy co2 system for the time being (just waiting on an order) consisting of 4 3L bottles running on two powerheads. Plants pearled the first morning, but not much since. Nevertheless, plant growth has been awesome. This tank is just pumping out myrio red, green, and fluviatilis. I added in some new species and cleaned it up.

Currently there are no fish in the system (haven't figured it out yet and I love the plants more anyways). But, I do have quite a few species : )

Currently we have b. caroliniana, c. pulcherima, l. senegalensis sp. guinea, r. sp mini type I, r. wallichii, r. macranda, lagarosiphon madagascariensis, myrio (red, green, and filigree), d. diandra, alt. lilicina, alt. rosaefolia, mayaca fluviatilis, nesaea var red leaf, heteranthera zosterifolia, and 5 or so species of crypts.

The next picture is the new 20 long I just set up. I'm using an overdriven t5 ballast that can pull between 45 and 70 par on the substrate depending on location. There is no co2 on this system yet and the only filtration is a sponge filter. I will be using a HOB 20g when we switch filters on the bowfront. Co2 will likely be diy.

I stocked it yesterday with plants and substrate. Current flora list includes alt. lilicina, l. senegalensis sp. guinea, r. wallichii, l. aromatica, lagarosiphon madagascariensis, nesaea var red leaf, and r. sp. mini type I.

Finally, and just for fun, its my recently topless 10g home to Regal, the betta. The cats drink out of it but Regal just sits right under them without issue.

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