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i personally dont like the stacking of pvc as have yet to see them like them, from my experiance they tend to like caves that arent right next to one another thats why i went with lace rock stacked simalar to making a reef with lots of hiding spots. also the large dom male took over a cave that was 4inch, its made out of a morter/grout id go that route over pvc looks better if u have any exposed areas an after all we like pleasing things to look at.

for that size tank i have a feeling 3-4 is going to be were it will balance out to even if u start with more juvis, we started with 8 @.75inch juvis an even with all the caves they slowly weed out the weaker ones till a balance is made, they dont behave like cardina or neos and will eat them but ive had a colony of rcs in one 10 with two that did fine just dont use expensive shirmp to try if u are thinking of going that route.
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