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A friend of mine has the fluval chi and has sand for substrate for slightly over half a year now. He has some real plants, namely bamboo, but he's been complaining about how his tank gets murky white. I told him I had sand once and it looks filmy even on the best days. I've been able to convince him to change his substrate. He's going with flora max, because of him losing the standoff between sand and good substrate, I said I'd give him plants since he's willing to switch over. Also since my tank is getting over run by hornwort and other rapid growing plants, I'd be happy to give him my clippings.

I did warn him of the impending doom of hornwort but he's willing to take it since he is sick of changing the water when the slightest hint of murk comes.

He's going to be setting up his tank tonight and ill be able to give him the goods tomorrow. Right now this is what his tank looks like.

I'm excited for him. He told me he changes water every week and be has to do a hard scrub down (doesn't really help). I told him he doesn't need to with low tech tanks so I'm sure he'll appreciate some more time with the new wife.

I'm pretty sure once it's all up and running, this tank will be good to go.
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