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Originally Posted by Green_Flash View Post
I don't know if this is true but I have read reports in saltwater tanks where algae growth was reduced when LED lighting is used. I am not sure if this is correct but it might be attributed to the LED lights we have not being true/full spectrum like T5 or MH. Cleaner spectrum? Not sure, but it's a thought.
Well it's interesting that you posit that theory Green_Flash, because the one thing that I DO like about LEDs is that their precise nanometer measurements in the spectrum range. Perhaps it is indeed a factor of "cleaner spectrum" at work, but either way I'm pleased. I did a ridiculous amount of reading before biting the bullet on these two fixtures and they cost a pretty penny to be sure, but given my results so far (and I'm not even using Aquasoil) I would say they have proven themselves quite adept at growing a very frustrating foreground plant. And if that is the sine qua non of success that these LEDs have proven their worth in that department. Now the real question is what would happen if I had decided to use HC or Glosso instead and would I have had the same results. A more comprehensive, long-term analysis would be in order in order to determine if my current success could be reproduced with a wider variety of plants under the same (current) conditions. Maybe when I get tired of this arrangement and switch to HC or Glosso we may well see if your/our theory proves to be an accurate one. But that is not to say that my lily pipes do not get dirty they do - but no where near the frequency or pace that they did when under different lighting types like T5's or T8's, etc.

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