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A horrible picture, and worse hardscape

Despite how the picture looks, the water is clear. I'm really not a fan of this 10,000k bulb at all. I'm going to replace it soon.

Yesterday as I was filling the tank I managed to get some of the Miracle Grow on top of the cap. I managed to clean up the front of the tank, but still need to do the back. Needless to say I was annoyed at myself. So already annoyed I played with the river rocks and realized once more I have no artistic talent whatsoever. It didn't take me long to get to completely annoyed. I gave up randomly decided to jam a piece of driftwood in there and jumbled some of the rocks to hold it down. That's where I'm at today. It looks slightly better in person. The really sad part is that it looks miles better than any of the rockscapes I was trying to do. You can just imagine how bad those looked.

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