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Originally Posted by sdylanh View Post
(I apologize if I'm hijacking the the thread, but...)


Could you share how you have/plan to do the light fixtures for your design? I've been in the planning stages of doing a similar setup with three individual fixtures on a 55 gallon, but I'm clueless when it comes to working with metal. It looks simple enough, but not sure what all goes into it.

Any details especially where you bought the parts and what you used would be appreciated!
Sure. The plan right now for the poles is to use 1/2" metal conduit, and then I'll spray paint it black. It's strong, light, cheap, and easy to work with. Our building maintenance guy at work has a bender, so I'll just have him bend it for me, but you could buy/rent one from Home Depot or wherever. I'm just going to use 1/2" pipe straps to attach it to the back of the stand.

For the bulbs, I'm doing PAR38 LEDs. There are many out there, but here is one option I was thinking about: Dimmable, 15w, 6500k, 60 spread. That is just one example, but it's the brightness I want, is dimmable, and has a 60 beam spread (they have a 90 also). I rendered the light spread of two 60 bulbs placed 20" above the bottom of the tank and 14" apart. Coverage is pretty good, and I can adjust brightness with a dimmer. According to the image in the LED Lighting Compendium thread for the WingoLED PAR38 Bulb (which is of identical specs), it should be plenty of light.

There are a lot of bulb options, so I haven't made up my mind yet. It'll be around the specs of the above lights though. For the lights fixtures themselves, I'm not sure 100% yet, but I have a few ides I'll probably DIY as well. One idea is just using a 6-8" section of 6" PVC pipe painted black. Maybe an upside down cheap metal mixing bowl. I'm not sure on that one yet, but actual "pendant lights" for sale can get pricy quick. I think I can make something quite attractive for cheap, but it might take some trial/error.

Originally Posted by bibbster View Post
Anotherhobby, I love the unpainted fasteners on the black brackets/ties.

That looks great, especially with the 4x4 legs...adds to that massive look. Kind of like medieval construction.
Thanks! I ended up painting the fasteners though. I moved the stand into place last night and put my 12 gallon on it for now. I don't expect to really finish it off with everything until spring. Can't really stain/poly in my house and it's winter now in MN.

Here it is with the screws painted:

Here is where it goes (in the middle of aquascaping that tank right now).

For the doors and sides I'm just going to make small curtains from black cloth. I can hang them in the openings. That'll let me hide stuff until I make the real sides and doors when it warms back up in the spring.

That's the awesome thing about hydrophyte's idea it's very easy to customize to however you want it!
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