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Originally Posted by Disher View Post
Any updates? Interested in buying a tank like this. How is the brightness of the lamp?
I've been doing a fishless cycle, and it's taking quite awhile longer than I intended. It's doing OK, with a bit of hair algae and a touch on the glass, but it's still keeping low levels of ammonia. Probably partially the Aqua Soil. I have seen the ammonia drop over the last few days, and I've already had the nitrite rise and fall, but still have some low/medium levels of ammonia hanging around.

Plants are doing fine for the most part. Where I put the Ludwigia repens is probably not optimal, and the lower parts of the plants have died, but they're growing out at the top. Too much light getting blocked by the filter and stump.

Still haven't put in the Xmas moss wall. I have the moss in a jar on the kitchen window, but haven't gotten around to doing it yet. I think when I do I might move the wood forward a little bit and redo the Ludwigia repens location a bit forard, which might mean the pennywort also moves a bit.

I like the tank overall so far. I would assume the light would be called medium light.
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