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List of materials (might miss something - it always happens!). These are just pix I took off various sites and they're a mishmash of colors and sizes due to my inherent laziness. ;-) Please do look in Lowes or Home Depot for these items because all of them are usually there and you can make a fun game out of finding them! Lowes has a better selection of parts like this, as HD has decided that allocating real estate to $2 parts doesn't make them rich enough anymore.

Good luck and keep asking if you need to.

2- 5/8" male barb to 3/4" NPT male threaded, for the house filter in/out:

1 5/8" T barb with male NPT, for the CO2 injection:

1 matching female NPT to barb the size of your CO2 hose (3/16" is standard) This one might end up being brass, and that's ok:

Teflon Tape to wrap around threads (6 turns minimum, clockwise to the threads so that it stays on when you tighten the fittings:

Metal Hose Clamps (as many as needed):

One First Aid Kit:

Ok, I think that should hopefully get you started.
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