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6 Gallon, Low Tech Betta Tank


I figured I would start a new journal with this tank. This tank has been going for about 5-6 months. However, it has been suffering as I had to move it twice in 2 months. Right when it hits it's stride, I have had to move it. The r. macrandra, r. macrandra narrow leaf, and tiger lotus suffered most notably. They are more of a dull orange than the red they were before each move. Most stems have lost lower leaves as well. However, everything is recovering well and should look much better as things go. I don't know if I will add anything, I likely will if I find something interesting.

The Betta is just a Petco betta, nothing wrong with that. We named him "Bobby Flay". It a fitting name if you see it's behavior. Its fairly arrogant, yet intelligent. It is mean and loving at the same time. It loves attention.

The basic design was simple. I bought the tank and driftwood at the same time and they fit. I didn't really know what I wanted to do so I just added plants I had or got from people. I am kind of doing a loose dutch thing, it really doesn't need to wood and may look better without it but I just kind of like it. The stand is my "country style ADA" stand. I just used a bedside table somebody made for us, then a light bar out of some dowels I had laying around.

-6 Gallon Generic Rimless Tank (I may be wrong on the gallons)
-DIY CFL fixture with 15 wattx2 bulbs
-Zoo Med 501 Filter
-Flourite or Floramax (can't remember)

I use Seachem comprehensive ferts on a rare occation, pretty much no ferts. No heater either. Very basic tank.

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