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Originally Posted by theblondskeleton View Post
This code is confusing to a newbie!! (That's me, too.) I was finally programming my moonlights and it took me three tries to correctly input the start time. Now it's in there and all is well. I reduced my moonlights to 2 emitters and cranked it waaaay down. Still looks good, and hopefully won't kick up the algae. Last time I had 6 emitters at 700mA. You could see everything but it was really bad for algae.

I'm getting some "stepping" on the dimming, and at the end it doesn't just fade out, it clicks off. Normal? It still looks awesome and it is much more tidy and easy to handle than all the other stuff!

PS- Sorry!I haven't forgotten, O2! Holidays and all, you know. Friday!
Well I'm glad to read that you've got it up and running. Unfortunately the "6 channel code" that I provided is very basic and does not provide for High resolution dimming ( Dimming "steps" occur once per minute). That's because not all of the PWM pins have the same performance capabilities. Digital pins "9 & 10" can be used for very high resolution dimming, but you'd be left with only 2 channels of control. Those two pins are what "Sinks" code takes advantage of and the dimming "steps" occur once per second. If you'd like to try his code, just reconfigure the jumper wires to provide the dimming signal from those two pins and upload his code. ( I wish "Sink" were around here, but he hasn't logged in in a long time)
Let me know if you need any additional help with your code and I'll do what I can to help.

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