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Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
i really dig the undergravel jets, wish i saw this before i started building have you had this sucker filled and running yet? i am kind of curious to know what kind of flow you get from the vertical pipe in the left rear. seems like after you pinch off all the extra jets on the bottom, it might have more pressure than you are looking for.

Could be, but I also might not have enough. I won't know for sure till I hook up the pump. After thinking about it over the weekend, I've some major scape changes in mind, so its going to be a bit.

actually, i like the rocks, sorry Jonny. once you have a couple inches of substrate in there, they won't look as big and bulky.

My thought as well, but changes are in store.

any thoughts on how to cover up that jet in the right front corner? unfortunately, i think if you use the rock method like the left front, it is going to look too symmetrical.

No, that was one of the issues. I didn't want the tank too symmetrical, but can't just have a jet hanging out. I think the new changes should take care of the issue.

what is your projected water level? i'm thinking if you have this about half full, after substrate, you may be looking at only about 12-13 gallons, which may be a bit light for all the fish planned.

I'm really hoping to have it within about 3 inches of the top. But I'm currently considering going with an overflow and sump, which could change things yet again.

are you looking for a. nana petite? if you are in no rush, i can send you some nice petites and some bolbitis in the spring. the bolbitis is just starting to take off and i have some crazy amounts of petitie growing in my 75. some are almost as big as my actually, depends on if i can get my hand on a heat pack from one of my local guys. if i can, i'll send you some up as soon as i can trim out the bolbitis.

Sounds awesome, I appreciate the offer, and I'm definitely in no hurry.

btw...i wish i had a science teacher as cool as you when i was in school....LOL
Thanks, I know the students enjoy watching and helping with the new builds almost as much as I do. One of them told me today the coke can has to go LOL.

Originally Posted by lochaber View Post
I'm not sure how well the waterfall outlet will work if it's connected to the same piping as the lower outlets.

You might need either a dedicated pump/powerhead for the waterfall, or some sort of restrictive valves on the lower outlets.

Otherwise, I think you would either get too much flow out of the lower outlets, or none at all through the waterfall.

Why not have the waterfall be the only outlet?

I think the rocks and wood look nice, and having plants will fill in quite a bit.
I'll definitely have to do some messing around with the outflow vents to get the flow I want, but I'll be running the pump before adding everything to the tank to make sure I can get the flow I want. May have to fine tune some things as you've pointed out.

Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
A. hastifolia and similar big, arrowhead-leaf Anubias might do OK in an open-top setup.

A. barteri really hates dry air and its leaves will brown around the edges unless you keep it in high humidity.

I can probably think of a few other suitable more or less representative plants for a West Africa-themed riparium. I'm sure that various Cyperus occur there--there are hundreds of species in this genus all over the world--so you could incorporate some Cyperus 'Baby Tut' as a background riparium plant.

That's another plant that needs humid air to grow very well emersed. It would be better in a riparium with a closed top.
Thanks Devin, I'll definitely be picking your brain a bit more once the hardscape is all complete.

Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
i thought he was going with a lid, that's why i suggested it. how do you think a. angustfolia would fare in an open top riparium setup? it is a rather broad, arrow leafed anubias.
I am still hoping to incorperate a lid, if not a lid then a screen top, but that may have to adjust based on plant selection.

Thanks for all the input folks. Sorry I kind of dropped the ball, but Thanksgiving got a little busy for me, what with the youngest being home from college and all.

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