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Originally Posted by fplata View Post
Bps = one solid stream

Originally Posted by fplata View Post
LOL that is not the co2 that is regular air i run at nights
Oh I was going to say, LOL!

Originally Posted by theblondskeleton View Post
On the 60p: is that e. tenellus and glosso in the foreground? Interesting combo... Got any closer shots?

Wow the growth on the 120h is awesome! Clean those pipes I've noticed my pipes are super clear and get no buildup since I installed my LED's. I think I'm getting much less spillover, so nothing grows on the pipes - it's kinda nice! Do the ADA lights have some kind of shutter to trim the spillover? Looking good, man!
Yes, those damn pipes need a serious cleaning, but I can state authoritatively that my use of LEDs has also dramatically reduced the algae buildup on my glassware, though I'm not certain how to attribute it. TBS may be right, perhaps it is because there is a lot less "spillover" but I find that the damn fixtures still pump out enough light (though with a noticeable difference in comparison to traditional light bulbs) to make want to have a cover for them on the sides...
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