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Originally Posted by theblondskeleton View Post

I finally "finished" my light fixture! Woohoo! I reduced the moonlights to 2 emitters at about 20% output, so that should take care of that. It looks good, and the tank is pretty stable. The Belem is looking amazing, and my HC is slowly coming along and spreading. The glosso still isn't charging ahead, but it's growing.

My attempt at the reds failed in mush. It was a poor effort, to be sure. Not sure what lacked - maybe N? Maybe just being in the corner did it. Not certain. I have a couple stems left, but I don't expect much. Might try something else there if I can rule out a dark spot.
Well I can say that I'm happy to hear that your light fixture is complete. Considering your use of HC and Belem, the intensity of your lighting in terms of PAR is an invaluable calculation for the size of a 120. My experience with red plants generally has been that they need very high light, sufficient iron and high N to really bring out their deepest coloration. But that was very limited to one or two species of plant and long, long ago. I've never really gotten on the "red" bandwagon, so to speak, though some of Tom Barr's reds are truly impressive. The leggyness of the glosso screams for an increase in light intensity and increased PAR at the substrate depth, IMHO.
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