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Thanks Rexthecrayfish!

Few changes again. I moved the crypts over to the left in front of the plant line. Then I added the two rocks in front of the driftwood and put in a few dwarf sag. I really like how it looks.

I also swapped out the bulb for a Hagen Life Glo (6700k). I much prefer the colour of the light.

And today was stocking day. I love that there's life in there now. After spending awhile just sitting in front of the tank, my husband made the comment that my tanks are 'a storage container for my sanity. All my crazies go there to die'. Lol! And a pretty succinct summary. Nothing clears my head after chasing my two boys around (seriously, I need a referee whistle!) like zenning out in front of my tanks.

So now to sit back and let things fill in. All the plants have new growth except the vals. I ordered some osmocote caps, but having to travel across the border and throwing in the American Thanksgiving holiday, it will probably be at least another week before I see those.

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